Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I've got the bug......

Spring and then gardening is just around the corner.  I imagine when I return from Arizona, I'll be convinced!

With Gardening on my mind, and because I just finished making kits for this once again, I decided to off the pattern as a give away for tomorrow for the 6th person to respond.  Melody Brown was the sinner of Springs Arrival.  Please include your mailing address, so that I can get it sent right off before I leave town.

Pictured here is a very special friend, showing her Fragments of Cloth.  A new finish.

I got to get a peek at this quilt....such a simple and quick quilt to make.  Just so cheerful.

And a cute back!

Just a few of the amazing ladies who were in my classes.  I was reminded about how many good people inhabit this planet.  Most of these women I see only once a year at this retreat.  These were the women from the class....Remember the Giver.

I will see you upon my return. Until then ENJOY life.

LOVE, Love changes everything....."
-Don Black and Charles Hart

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Oh My......

...the tulips have popped through the ground.

Village Dry Goods in Brigham City, Utah, never disappoints.  I am always inspired.  The blue quilt picture here, made my heart sing!  It was love at first sight.

All sorts of treasures, plus beautiful quilts.

I will be leaving on Wednesday to fly to Arizona, to spend time with family, and to touch base with a friend.  Bruce will also be coming, but a few days later.  So I am trying to get caught up, so that I will be ready to go again.

"Peace is always beautiful." -Walt Whitman

Monday, February 12, 2018

Spring's Arrival......

......I can't help believe is just around the corner.  The snow we had disappeared quickly as the temperature's rose with the sun shine which is always a welcome sight.

I have this pattern to give away to the first responder.  Email me at  Remember to include your address.  This little design is made out of wool, and is placed on cotton.  Notice how I've frayed the wool a bit for the nest, hoping it to look nest like.

I believe this design would also look really great as a pillow.  If I decided to do that, I would simply frame it with strips like a log cabin.  There are of course endless possibilities.

Our hearts skipped a beat the closer we got to Bryce Canyon.  The red rock against that incredibly blue sky takes one's breath away.

And then, we are anticipating the family reunion of sorts that awaits us on arrival.  All of the friendships we have developed over the past are soon to be renewed and deepened.

The majestic arch to pass through to our final destination.  In fact we pass through two of them.

We unloaded our cars under the beautiful blue skies and balmy has varied greatly from this over the years.  We were delighted to be greeted with such fine weather.......making the unpacking and transporting easy!  I traveled with a dear friend, Leslie.  Here she is in her bed knitting a sweater for the arrival of her first great grand child, soon to arrive.

I brought this new design to work on.......doing the applique hand work.  It continues to grow.  I completed several blocks on row FOUR.  I'm making progress.  I only work on it here and there, in between other projects.

This Lap App which I use for all of my hand stitching, I've found to be indispensable.  It helps me to maintain good posture, so that I don't cross my legs and develop sciatic issues, and since I tore my rotator cuff and bicep muscles two years ago, it has been my very good friend!

We always plan to arrive at lest a day early so that we have uninterrupted time to sew, before we start teaching.  This is a summer quilt I am working on.

One of the special events that we look forward to every year is when the potter Ben Behunin arrives every year.  We so love the beautiful pottery he brings, but for the inspiring presentation he delivers.  I am sorry I forgot to photograph his incredibly lovely pottery to show you.  Besides being a potter, he is the author of several inspiring reads.  I bought  2 new ones this year, that I will share from in the future.  For starts I will share a bit from one of the books to get us started on this new week.

"God left the world unfinished for man to work his skill upon.  He left the electricity in the cloud, the oil in the earth.  He left the rivers unbridged and the forests unfelled and the cities unbuilt. God gives to man the challenge of raw materials, not the ease of finished things.  He leaves the pictures unpainted and the music unsung and the problems unsolved, that man might know the joys and glories of creation.
-Thomas S. Monson

Friday, February 2, 2018

The week end is upon us.....

....and I am preparing for another retreat where I will be teaching.  There seems to be ongoing enjoyable activities in my near future.  On Monday morning I will be leaving for Bryce Canyon and Ruby's Inn.  For years now, there has been a winter quilt retreat held at this location.  Three hundred of us gather to warm friendships, take classes and inspire one another.  It is a marvelous event.  Several women come from out of state and we see them only once a year, and yet our friendships start up where we left off.

My new friend Lisa, one of the women who worked very hard to make this retreat so enjoyable, created this quilt, How Does Your Garden Grow.  Her work on this quilt, was quite spectacular.

This quilt was simple but striking.  I can not give credit to the maker, because there was not information hanging with the quilt.

The ladies in this area have sure been prolific!  So many well done quilts.

I've always thought that these chickens on the dash, a fun quilt.

I'd not seen this pattern before, but isn't it clever?  Perfect for an adventurous child.

This beauty had not been quilted yet.....but so worthy of being hung for us all to admire.

This sweet tulip block, I found to be just soft and feminine.

I feel a bit nostalgic for the friends made there and for the fun times we shared....especially now that it is 62 degrees in Cedar City, and while we were there we woke up to 22 degrees.  We bundled up and couldn't get to our hot drinks fast enough!!  The weather outside was frightful, but the friends inside were delightful! :-)

"let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense, and boundless treasures that it holds." -Edward Carpenter

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Enjoying Life!

I'm now receiving Social Security and am on Medicare, (oh dear) I never thought I'd be enjoying this stage of my life so much.  I guess at this stage of maturity, one's gratitude bank is full and over flowing.  Looking back over the grace that has sustained me this far, and the precious memories I've stored away, I have a happy thankful heart!  And today I get to work with fabric and start teaching a new ongoing class at Quilts Etc.  I'm looking forward to sharing what I know and making new friends.  The class will be Joy In the Morning.

Joy In the Morning....beginning the adventure this evening!

I apologize, but I can not figure out how to rotate this photo.  So just crook your head to the side, and see what a beautiful job Karolyn Hart did on her Silent Night.  Notice that on the second row, she took out Father Christmas and all of the woodland creatures and added the Baby Jesus instead.  The scene looks so wonderfully cozy. 

A sweet friend was visiting in Wisconsin at Ye Old Country School Quilt Shop.  It is actually located in an old country school house.  She spotted this design of mine and shared a photo with me. This will be perfect for summer as a wall hanging or as a table topper.

Alas! Time to turn your head to see what a gorgeous quilt Ana A has created, of the design called Seasons.  Her quilt is just stunning!  It brings a big smile to my face, when someone takes my design and runs with it, making something more beautiful than the original.

This photo was sent to me by Veronique Arnould.
Sweet and Simple....thanks you Veronique.

This is also a phot taken at the Old Country School House, of Cottage Garden.  I hope to visit Wisconsin this summer, I look forward to perhaps being able to visit this shop.

"What I feel most is that because I am open and available, the universe...the idea....comes to me.  It feels a little like being called.  -Toni Morrison

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Preparing for the next retreat......

....because I sold out of many kits, I'm busily making more.  I am happy to be working in my home in touch with fabric and creativity.  All is well!

These are some of the quilts that were hanging at the retreat in Cedar City.  Isn't this a whole lot of sweetness?!

The heart......the dwelling place for gratitude.  And yes, the sweet and simple things are the best!

It is about this time every year that I begin thinking of spring flowers.

Someone created this from my pattern.

As American as apple pie, however, this may be a cherry pie.

"Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by."  -Maria Schell

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Be careful for what you wish for......

If you remember my wish for snow in a previous post, it came in beautiful abundance!  Fourteen inches was measured in our back yard.  The really exciting thing about this snowfall, it occurred shortly after my California guest arrived.  They traveled on clear roads,  and shortly after the snow began to fall.  "Silent and soft and slow descends the snow." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Reminding you that I grew up in Minnesota, and took my driver's training in the snow, we did not tarry too long in the morning, before Julie, Karen and I headed out for blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and then we headed north for about an hour to visit the Shepherd's Bush in Ogden, Utah.  Julie is proficient at counted cross stitch and this store is the mecca for those who do this type of stitching.  Every time I visit there I want to find more time in my schedule to do counted cross stitch.  I guess I will continue to enjoy others talents in this area.

Early Monday morning we car pooled to Cedar City, Utah for the retreat that was to begin Tuesday morning.  Our fist stop was to  visit a marvelous quilt shop in Springville.  The shop is called Corn Wagon.  It is full of inspiration!  We admired the wool and enjoyed touching all of the gorgeous fabric, and were enticed to choose a few of our favorites, and we each left clutching a bag with our choices.  This is a picture taken of my vendor's booth at the retreat.

And another picture.  Now, a few words about this retreat.  It was our first time attending, and what a great time we had.  The organizers of the event made every effort to please the participants......and as a result there were many happy faces!  the over all feeling was warm and welcoming and we had a marvelous time.  It was especially a treat for me to have a carload of California ladies come.....and they are all very special friends.  We had such a lovely time we plan on meeting again next year.

The quilt hanging at the back of the booth is a design of Jan Patek's which I made a few years ago.  there is a Face book group for making this quilt.  Attic Heirlooms in Maine, will be making kits for making the quilt in this color way.  It can either be in all cotton or in cotton with the applique done in wool.  If interested, go to Face book and type in feathered star quilt by Jan Patek.

The Bernina booth across from me had this stunning embroidered quilt hanging.  It is all done on their embroidery machine.

I can just picture a sweet little girl snuggled beneath this quilt.  So sweet and feminine.

I took a few pictures of the quilts hanging about.

Appropriate quilts for the 22 degree mornings which we woke to.
We bundled up and started with a hot drink to warm our hands and our insides......and then we were greeted at the retreat by warm smiles!  All was well!

Here is a little quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.  "There is so much to do, so many engrossing challenges, so many heartbreaking and pressing needs, so much in every day that is profoundly interesting."
Life definitely is not boring!